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Emergency Appointment

We understand dental problems can occur without warning which is why we set aside time slots every day for emergency appointments. If you are in pain and have a dental emergency we will ensure you are seen promptly. You can help us by describing your problem in detail so we can advise you and make sure the dentist is aware of the situation.

You are welcome to book an emergency appointment even if you are not a patient of the practice. We will just need to take some contact details.

You can be rest assured that when we are closed there are out of hour’s arrangements available.

If you need urgent treatment outside of the opeing hours you should contact NHS 111, by dialing 1-1-1.


Please click on the titles below to see the relevant advice.

Broken Crowns

If a crown falls off it is vital to keep it in a safe place and take it with you to the practice, as we may be able to re-attach it.


Swelling usually occurs due to a trauma or bacterial infection. A puffy area often feels sore to the touch and warmer than usual. It is important to phone the practice as soon as possible, because the swelling can escalate rapidly. An earlier diagnosis will allow us to determine the best course of treatment and prescribe suitable painkillers and antibiotics if necessary.

Broken Denture

If your denture breaks it is vital to keep it in a safe place. Do not attempt to wear them if they cause you pain. Please do not try to repair them yourself as it may cause further impairment. If it is a private denture it may be covered by our denture guarantee, meaning replacement or repair would be free of charge.


If a tooth has been knocked out you should be very gentle with it. Remove any debris or dirt by washing carefully in cold water, making sure not to grip or disturb the fibers on the root surface. If you feel able, try to put the clean tooth back into its opening within half an hour of the occurrence, as this will offer the best chance of successfully retaining the tooth. If this is not possible, you can shield the tooth and prolong its lifespan by placing it in cold milk.

Extruding Teeth

If the tooth is pressed out of place, you can apply light pressure to reposition it. Do not use excessive force as you may harm the opening. Wedge it in place by using damp piece of tissue or cotton wool.

Broken Teeth

Whether the tooth has cracked or only has a hairline fracture it is vital to visit the practice. If the tooth is painful then avoid drinking or eating hot or cold foods, or placing excessive pressure on it.